Common Questions

Updated Friday February 24, 2017 by Eric Malenfant.

When does the season start and finish?
Season starts May 1st, end date before Canada Day.

Where do we play?
The Fun League plays at A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School, or Frederick Banting Alternate School all in Stittsville.

The House League plays mostly in Stittsville but some games are played in Kanata or possibly Richmond or Munster depending on field availability. The primary fields are Alexander Grove 1 & 2, Goulbourn Recreation Centre, Fringewood Park, Ralph Park and Frederick Banting Alternate School (back diamond)

Are there additional practices?
Fun League - There are no additional scheduled practice times. The scheduled times include practice and game time. See Fun League page for additional information.

House League - There are scheduled practice times generally on Saturday mornings. These times are dependant on coaches and field availability.

Are there tournaments?

Yes! A complete schedule of events can be found on our Schedules page.

What equipment do I need?
Fun League - Proper fitting ball glove.  T-Ball and Minor 5 use a 9" ball.  Major 5 and Tyke use an 11" ball.  The glove size needs to be larger than the ball size. They need to wear proper running shoes. Spikes are not recommended at this age. Children are required to wear pants, not shorts. Helmets are required and it is recommended to purchase ball pants. These can be purchased through Rink Pro in Stittsville.  The league uses solid grey pants.  Shirt and Hats are provided with registration. All other equipment is provided through the coach.

House League - A glove and helmet are required. 

Solid Grey ball pants are recommended. Both helmets and pants are available through Rink Pro in Stittsville.  Spikes* are allowed but are personal choice. Shirts and Hats are provided with registration. All other equipment is provided through the coach. 

* No Steel Spikes

What rules do they use?
Fun League - The rules are based on the goals.


Who can use the batting cage at Alexander Grove Park?
The cage is booked through your coach.

Major 5 and younger are not recommended.