Fun League

Updated Tuesday March 21, 2017 by SMSA.

T-BALL, MINOR 5-PITCH, MAJOR 5-PITCH, and TYKE level focuses mainly on skill development and teamwork, while promoting a fun filled environment. Teams are kept very small in order to leverage hands-on game experience and to facilitate individual coaching. Parental involvement is highly encouraged. All teams are co-ed.

All games / practices are held in Stittsville and will occur on a fixed week night and some Saturdays.


T-Ball: Monday and every other Friday 
Minor-5: Tuesday and every other Friday 
Major-5: Thursday and every other Saturday 
Tyke: Wednesday and every other Saturday 


2017 Season Levels

The chart below indicates which division your child is in.

Year Born Level Cost
2012/2013 T-Ball 110$
2011 Minor 5-Pitch 110$
2010 Major 5-Pitch 110$
2009 Tyke 110$


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If you have any questions regarding the Fun League, you may send an e-mail to Martin Ballard, Fun League Director.