Game Cancellation Policy

UpdatedMonday May 8, 2017 bySMSA.

  1. Games should go on even if there is light rain assuming that the field is still fit to play.Generally, the fields are able to absorb light rain and remain playable. Note also, that there is limited availability for the rescheduling of rain outs
  2. Lightning is cause for immediate and automatic stoppage in play. Everyone should be instructed to leave the park immediately for their own safety.
  3. Game day, up to 90 minutes prior to scheduled start of game, the Home Team Coach has decision making power to cancel game if in his/her view the field and/or weather conditions are found to be unacceptable. At least 2-hours notice should be given when ever possible as umpires and visiting team may have planned to arrive early for pre-game warm up. Home Team Coach MUST call the SMSA Umpire Scheduler (Ryan Bond) immediately upon such decision. The Umpire Scheduler (not the Home Coach) is responsible for calling the Umpires and giving notice of cancellation. The Home Team Coach MUST also call the Visiting Team Coach immediately upon such decision so he/she can notify their team. It goes without saying that you would ensure your players are notified of the cancellation. It is good habit for the Home Team Coach to arrange for someone in the locale to inspect the park approximately 2-hours prior to the game and if necessary, report any 'surprise' such as incomplete maintenance repairs, damaged or flooded field, etc. Email notification is not an acceptable alternative unless mutually agreed by all parties.
  4. If insufficient notice is given and Umpires arrive at the park then they will be paid for game services even if the game must be canceled. This league expense must be avoided whenever possible by the Home Team Coach proactively making the decision to cancel the game with sufficient notice for the SMSA Umpire Scheduler to stop the Umpires from going to the field. However, it is recognized that there may be occasions where weather conditions may deteriorate quickly. It would be courteous to involve the Visiting Team Coach in the decision if they are present, but again, it is ultimately the decision of the Home Team Coach to cancel a game if deemed necessary. 
  5. Once a game has started the Umpires will only stop the game for safety reasons. However, the Umpires have been instructed to terminate a game at any time upon the 'mutual request' of both team coaches. In other words, both Home Team Coach and Visiting Team Coach may mutually agree the current conditions are unfit to continue play (too cold, field deterioration, rain, etc)