Competitive Softball

UpdatedMonday August 30, 2021 bySMSA.


Selects and Rep are both types of Competitive Ball played in the SMSA.  Each year we might have Selects, Rep, or both at certain age division.

Selects is not as competitive as Rep, but is designed as stepping stone from House League into a more competitive style.  Players on the Select team play on a House League team as well.  You should expect your child to play one or two nights in House League, and continue to play and practice into the summer with the Selects team.  Selects teams play games against other teams in and around Ottawa as well as travel to Toronto a few times a summer for tournaments.

Rep is a more competitive league.  These players do not usually play in House League.  You should expect your child to have two - three  practices each week and one-two games. The games will be played in Montreal or in and around the Ottawa area. Rep teams travel to Toronto and Montreal for tournament play throughout the season. The Rep Season runs May-August.