Code of Conduct

UpdatedWednesday February 12, 2020 byBrian Edmond.




CONDUCT The SMSA is committed to providing an environment that promotes the principles of FAIR PLAY and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP as promoted through Softball Ontario’s Respect My Game Program. These principles apply to all our members that take part in the sport including those on the field (Coaches, Players, Teams and Game Officials) and those off the field (Executive, Parents and Spectators)

In consonance with the above principles, the SMSA and its members shall be guided by the following code of conduct in conducting themselves in such a manner as to bring credit upon themselves as well as to the program:

DO praise honest effort and good play, regardless of the color of the uniform.

DO applaud the value and effort of coaches and game officials.

DO take a loss without complaint or a win without gloating.

DO treat your opponents with fairness, courtesy and respect.

DO NOT use lewd or vulgar language on or around the playing field.

DO NOT carry alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on or around the playing field.

DO NOT consume tobacco products within confines of the playing field, dugout or bench.

DO NOT verbally or physically abuse players, coaches, spectators or game officials.

DO NOT instruct players to take any action which would be considered unethical or unsportsmanlike.

DO NOT engage in any act that would be considered detrimental to the game.


The SMSA will enforce the code of conduct with fairness and proper disciplinary protocol

DISCIPLINE The basic objective of disciplinary action shall be to further the interests of the game of Softball. Disciplinary action may be taken against any member of the SMSA charged with misconduct and found responsible.