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2018 Summer Registration is now closed

Updated Tuesday May 22, 2018 by SMSA.


Registration for Fun League and House League Spring 2018 Season is now closed.  If you are interested in one of our other programs, please email us at







2018 Registration Dates

Early Bird Until March 21st
Regular Fee until March 31st
Closed March 31st

Please note: We do not know what night each level plays until we have final numbers to match our field times.

SMSA can not guarantee the nights until after registration closes.  Below is the projected Game Nights per level.

Refunds are available until April 7th, 2018


2018 Registration Prices  


March 21st


March 21st

Fun league


House League - Mites/Squirt $150


House League - Peewee/Bantam/Midget $165 $170


FUN LEAGUE (May 1 - June 29):

T-BALL, MINOR & MAJOR 5-PITCH, and TYKE levels focus mainly on skill development and teamwork, while promoting a fun filled environment. Teams are kept very small in order to leverage hands-on game experience and to facilitate individual coaching. Parental involvement is highly encouraged. All teams are co-ed. 

Year Born   Level 
2013/2014 T-Ball 
2012 Minor 5-Pitch 
2011 Major 5-Pitch 
2010 Tyke 

All games / practices are held in Stittsville and will occur on a fixed week night and some Saturdays. The schedule (subject to final registration numbers): 

T-Ball: Monday and every other Friday 
Minor-5: Tuesday and every other Friday 
Major-5: Thursday and every other Saturday 
Tyke: Wednesday and every other Saturday 


For additional information on Fun League, click here.


HOUSE LEAGUE (May 1 - June 29): 

Mite to Midget - House League focuses on furthering skill development and game play. New players are welcome. Teams play mostly Stittsville area teams. Games are played on a rotating schedule.

The chart below indicates which level your child is in. 

Year Born         Level 
2008/2009 Mite: U10 
2006/2007 Squirt: U12 
2004/2005 Pee Wee: U14 
2002/2003 Bantam: U16 
1999/2000/2001 Midget: U18. 

SMSA will do there best to keep the same schedule as last year.  The following list is the practice and game night list for the 2018 season.

Mite: Tuesday and Thursday 

Squirt: Monday and Wednesday 

Peewee Girls: Monday and Thursday (subject to change due to games with other organizations)

Peewee Boys:  Wednesday and Friday (subject to change due to games with other organizations)

Bantam/Midget Girls:  Tuesday and Friday/Sunday (subject to change due to games with other organizations)

Bantam Boys:   Sunday and TBD (subject to change due to games with other organizations)

Midget Boys:  Monday and TBD (subject to change due to games with other organizations)


For additional information on House League, click here


Register Now

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the Registrar.  



Beginner/Intermediate Pitching Clinics 2018-2019

This training is for pitchers who have never pitched before or are still beginners and have only pitched for 1-3 years. These sessions will help athletes start and continue their development through the off-season. After completion of these sessions, and with regular practice, pitchers can expect to learn proper mechanics, understand role of a pitcher in a game and begin to work on speed and accuracy.

All pitchers must have a catcher at all sessions.

Sessions Times:
6-7 pm for Mite and Squirt aged pitchers that have pitched 0-2 years.
7-8 pm for Squirt aged pitchers that have 1-2 years experience (Competitive)
8-9 pm for Peewee aged pitchers that have 0-3 years experience pitching.

These sessions are coached by Coach Lee Watts and Coach Al Read.

Session will run from Monday November 5, 2018 through Monday April 22, 2019 .

Session location is:
West Wind Public School
111 Hartsmere Dr.
Stittsville, ON K2S 2B7

Intermediate/Advanced Pitching Clinics 2018-2019

This training is intended for Intermediate to Advanced pitchers who want to continue their development through the off-season.

Each pitcher must bring their own parent/catcher!
If your catcher is a player, please email with the name of your catcher.

Pitchers should be able to demonstrate a firm grasp of performing basic pitching mechanics regardless of age.

Special Note: This year, the November dates will be drop-in with no specific pitching coaching. Coach Katie Wolf will be starting as pitching coach for these sessions in December. Until then, an SMSA coach will be there with equipment and as a supervisor for warm-up and general pitching drills.

Sessions Times:
8 pm - 9 pm (Intermediate) Peewee - Bantam Level
9 pm - 10 pm (Advanced) Bantam - Midget Level

Session will run from Monday November 5th - Monday April 22nd.

Session location is:
Sacred Heart High School
5870 Abbott St E
Stittsville, ON K2S 1X4

Bantam Tier II Rep Tryouts 2018

SMSA will be holding tryouts for the 2019 Bantam and Novice (Peewee) Tier II girls teams in the fall. SMSA will be holding tryouts for Squirt girls in early 2019.
If you have any questions about the competitive program, please email Al Read at
Details for each tryout are under each level's registration.
Registration for Bantams is open now. Registration for Novice coming soon.